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Vocal Warm ups & Exercises

As an actor, singer and performer it is important to know how to warm up your voice and by following a few of our Vocal Tips and Advice you can do just this.

As a professional performer or drama/singing student it is absolutely essential that you do a vocal warm up before you start work!

At drama school you will learn vocal technique OR, if you are attending classes at your local part time art school you will, I am sure also get to do a gentle basic vocal warm up at the beginning of your drama and singing class in your art school.

Below is a vocal warm up you can do on your own. Let us know what you think!

First, we will wake up our facial muscles.

  • Start by opening your mouth as wide as you can then relax, repeat four times

  • Smile as big as you can then relax, repeat four times.

  • Raise your eyebrows up and down four times.

  • Wrinkle your nose four times relaxing in between.

  • Scrunch your whole face up and then stretch it all out. Repeat Four times.


  • Breath in through your nose, feel your lungs fill up and your rib cage expand.

  • Hold for four counts then exhale through your mouth.

  • Repeat the above to music if you prefer.

  • Breathe in and hold and pant like a dog, then top up your breath through your nose and repeat. Relax!

  • Now take a big breath in through your nose, keeping your shoulders down, and hum on a comfortable note. Feel the sound resonating through the resonating chambers.

  • Repeat but this time open your mouth and relax the jaw to the sound of MAHH, then gently close the mouth and return to the humming sound.

Recite a nursery rhyme starting quietly then getting on voice, try to do in one breath. Now do it again using different inflections. Finish by reciting the nursery rhyme with different intentions. As a teacher telling a pupil off. As the new president. As a little child. As an MP. As part of an argument.

How crucial do you think warming up your body and voice is before you start your class? Let us know on the comments bellow!

Marlen Vasilopoulou, Director of Music

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