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ARTeach goes Party!

Happy Kids
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You guessed it right...
Our Arts & Crafts activities, now at your party!

How does it work?


Welcome to our Creative Zones, the most fantastic way to celebrate your little one's special day with friends!


ARTeach is now offering creative and interactive party experiences where children can engage in various arts and crafts activities and create something special. What's great is that they not only have a fun time during the party but also get to take home their creations as party favours, which adds a unique personal touch!


True to our well established nature, these activities are not only enjoyable for the kids but also provide an opportunity for them to express their creativity, learn new skills, and bond with their friends over shared artistic experiences. It's a wonderful way to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions, making them truly memorable for everyone!

Step 1: Contact us with your preferred date and location. Either your home or a local venue, we'll get there!

Step 2: Choose your theme. Our activities last between 60 - 90 mins and some of our themes are Mask Making Fun, Clay pots, Watercolour on Canvas, Collage Making and Mosaic posters! But as you know, we are always open for suggestion so let us know if you already have something in mind!

Step 3: Once your party is confirmed, we send you an invoice- will require £50 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to secure your booking. We then require final payment on the day of party. Booking and deposit is required at least 2 weeks before party.

Step 4: It's Party time! 

On the day of your party, we will set everything out for you, providing all the appropriate materials and equipment.

Also, every child takes home what they have made at the end. (No need for Party Bags anymore!)

  • £180 for

  • Prices start from £160 for up to 12 children, for 1 activity that lasts for 60 minutes

  • Each additional child is £8

  • Additional 1/2 hour includes one more activity at £30

  • Additional Host £35

  • Canvas and Air Clay exact quotes are TBC, depending on children's number

Let’s Party!

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