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Please review the Terms and Conditions of ARTeach prior to engaging in any bookings. We stand strongly behind our procedures and guidelines to provide schools, parents and students with the highest quality of clubs; with accuracy, responsibility, positivity and honesty.



By engaging with ARTeach you (parents, schools, and club leaders) agree to the following Terms and Conditions;


In the event the club is cancelled by the school we reserve the right to terminate our contract or freelance agreement with the tutor with immediate effect. The tutor will be paid for the lessons taught.


ARTeach reserve the right to withdraw services at prior to new term or at half.


ARTeach reserve the right to blacklist parents and expel students.

Our students’ safety is our first priority. Please check child protection policy.


Your privacy is important. Please check our Privacy Policy.





All booking details must be finalized 7 working days prior to scheduled start date.


Clubs and workshops must success the minimum required registered pupils in order to run at set start date.


Clubs and workshops are not confirmed running until the dates, time, cost and location are settled.


All bookings must be made through


All bookings must be paid for in advance at the time you make a booking. 



Cancellations, Postponement & Refunds


School Cancellation within 7 business days of start date will result in a £70.00 fee. If materials have already been purchased the cancellation fee will include this cost if they cannot be returned free of charge.

In the event that a session is missed or postponed; extra time will be allotted to remaining weeks or end date will be adjusted. Refunds for the missed session will only be issued if these options are not possible.


Refunds due to “mind change” are not issued.


We reserve the right to cancel any club book through school or parent and the club leader or provider will not be paid


Refunds will not be issued for missed clubs that are caused by neither party such as; bad weather, improper school facilities, fire drill etc…


Refunds are not offered if a child is sick or has other commitments on a day of club.


If a club is cancelled due to staff mental or health fatality such as illness or an accident. Documentary evidence will be provided along with and refund to parents or the school.

In Person Music and Drama Lessons

In case a student is absent, the teacher is not obliged to cover the missed lesson unless the teacher agrees to.

The monthly fee is to be paid fully by the date stating on the invoice. 


Lessons are strictly based around the school terms. 


There is a two(2) weeks cancellation notice.


Lessons are not provided on Bank holidays. 


Lessons are provided on half terms when both sides (parent and teacher) are under the agreement.


In case of a trial lesson, lesson must be confirmed and paid 24hours beforehand, otherwise the lesson is cancelled.





All complaints must be made while the service still running to ensure corrective action can be made effective immediately.


To issue a formal complaint please email , with subject ‘Official Complaint’. 





It is expressly understood that the terms below must be adhered to by those that teach and lead our services. ARTeach retains the services of the Tutor as an independent contractor and not as an employee whether you have signed an agreement with us or come through a third party. The Tutor shall be responsible for his/her time keeping, lesson plans (support provided), and for all statutory declarations and contributions with regard to taxes and the like. If you teach with us, all terms below are agreed upon.


You must be medically fit; mentally and physically to work with ARTeach. If you are not mentally or physically fit we have a right to terminate our contract with you. You must declare this prior to starting with us. 


Your payment is a reflection of the quality of your work and the service you are providing as a club leader. If you do not conduct a high-standard and well managed club then we may withdraw our services. Initially we may give you another chance to run the club right again, or part only partly for the club. If we deem that it’s not possible to repair the club, it can not be transformed in an adequate time frame, it would be very inconvenient for you to get the service done again or the cause is a safeguarding hazard then we will refuse to pay for the poor service we have received.


The following items are not allowed during a club or on premises; phones, food, headphones, laptops (unless it is for use), iPads (unless it is used for the lesson), reading personal books, lighters, smoking and any inappropriate materials. If found or seen, you will be fined £100 for the session and you may be dismissed with immediate effect.


It is advised that you follow proper protocol and conduct for every lesson as you are a freelancer. If you are late, or cancel without adequate notice fines and payment deductions are applicable. 


If the school/parent report a serious complaint about your club, your payment for that class will be held back until the matter is resolved. 


If we are not paid by the school/parent, your payment may also be held back until we receive full payment.


ARTeach reserves the right to withdraw services at anytime.


Late Fees; Your time is just as important as the students, school and parents that you are working with. Please arrive on time. We will be checking with the school/parent weekly to confirm your arrival time; your start time is not optional and should be taken seriously. Like anything, you should always aim to be 10-15 minutes early so that you can ensure you are there. If you are 5 minutes late there will be a £5 fine; each minute after that is another £1. If you are more than 30 minutes late you are expected to teach the lesson without pay. The schools and parents demand refunds when tardiness occurs. They are paying for the session so they should get the full session. We will consider waiving this fine if the proper procedure is followed with thorough communication as stated in our email reminders and/or teaching agreement. 


Missed Club; If you are going to miss a club 48 hours notice is required. If you cancel a club within 24 hours without adequate notice and do not follow protocol there will be a £60 fine. If you make a same day cancel or fail to show up there is a penalty charge of £120; this charge will be deducted from your upcoming pay. These fees are to be taken very seriously and are not negotiable. When you fail to deliver on the commitment of running your club business is lost, parents are angry, schools charge penalties on us and this makes ARTeach look unreliable. We will consider waiving this fine if the proper procedure is followed with thorough communication as stated in our email reminders and/or teaching agreement along with proof.


Cancel Club; You must provide at least 2 weeks notice if you wish to terminate your club. If notice is not provided then you are required to pay out the remaining days that you are expected to teach of £95 per session, up until the term ends. We will consider waiving this fine if the proper procedure is followed with thorough communication as stated in our email reminders and/or teaching agreement. 





ARTeach reserves the right to refuse admission to any student or to dismiss any student from club without refund in the event of severe misconduct or severe unsatisfactory attendance or work. We expect students to adhere to the standards and rules we set.


We expect students to behave reasonably at all times towards other students and our staff and to respect cultural, racial and religious differences.


If a student is asked to leave the club for poor attendance or conduct, their fees will not be refunded and they will not be allowed to join another lessons of ours.


Students have to pay for any damage they cause to ours or the instructors property.


We hold the right to legally blacklist parents who appear abusive and dismiss you from our service.


Relaxation of Terms


No relaxation, indulgence, waiver or release by any party of any of the rights in terms of this agreement on one occasion shall prevent the subsequent enforcement of such rights and shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any subsequent breach of any of the terms.







Questions about Terms and Conditions, or requests for further information, should be directed to the Company Manager at

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