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Dramatic activity is already a natural part of most children’s lives before they start school in the form of make-believe play, enabling them to make sense of their own identity by exploring meaningful fictional situations that have parallels in the real world. This can be utilized  through structured play and drama to encourage pupils to learn actively and interactively throughout the primary years and beyond. 


Our group lessons aim at introducing Acting into children's’ life! In a nutshell, with drama we learn:

  1. to recognize what is fair and unfair, kind and unkind, wright and wrong

  2. to identify and respect the differences and similarities between people

  3. to develop skills in voice, diction, and posture

  4. to engage imaginatively with the thought, emotion and form of a text.

  5. to participate in games developing communications skills, and to include

  6. to rehearse and perform for an audience

  7. to love


Any student who is approaching the challenging and perhaps daunting task of preparing an examination passage will not only be able to choose from a wealth of literary material drawn from the most recent LAMDA Anthology, but also work closely with our drama teachers on confidently and cleverly performing it.


Talent is one thing, but truly standing out requires work, and we, as always, are here to help.

Online and in person lessons available, scheduled according to student and teacher's availability. 


For those already working in the industry, we offer 1:1 selftape/audition preparation services, which include character and text analysis, but also technical aspects of the selftape as well! 

And because we know that those one-in-a-life time auditions come with a very tight turn around, we will do our BEST to fit you in our schedule, so you get the time you need! 


Drama School Audition Preparation also provided. 


There are a few different definitions of coaching but ours is this: help students learn rather than conventionally teach them, unlock their potential to maximise their own performance. 

For many young people in today’s modern world, the list of demands they find themselves dealing with is endless. From studies at school to managing expectations of their teachers, parents, and friends, to social skills and succeeding with their hobbies. Well at least we can help with this last one! We 
believe that  a good coach is essential to students' success and artistic growth.

Our industry professionals take your journey seriously, understand and support you, and they'll help you navigate through it all with ease. Join our hub today!


Develop confidence

Develop skills in voice, diction, and


Engage imaginatively with a piece

of text

Learn to respect and love others

UCAS points with Bronze, Silver and

Gold LAMDA levels

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