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TV & Film Screen Acting tips

Updated: May 23, 2022

Do you want to know more about screen acting?

This blog is great start for you to familiarise yourself with some of the most fundamental requirements of successful performance for camera.

Let's begin!

  • Carefully read every word of the script you've been given, including the stage directions and not just your scenes. Take note of how your character fits into and serves the story

  • Learn your part and research your character's background as thoroughly as you can in advance.

  • Don't change the writer's words without consulting the director. If you don't understand any part of your dialogue or stage directions, never be afraid to ask.

  • Be open to last minute changes to the script, blocking and cuts. These happen all the time.

  • Understand you're part of a team. Co-operation & negotiation get the job done. Display a can-do attitude.

  • Run your lines with your fellow players whenever you have a moment to do so. Don't be afraid to ask.

  • Love the camera - it is your best friend - but never play into it unless you're directed to do so.

  • The camera can see 'in your head', see what you're thinking, so always strive to be 'in the moment'. Fully inhabit your character. Concentrate, listen & react appropriately and naturalistically.

  • Be aware of your own continuity - face, gestures, movement, costume & props. When in doubt, do LESS!

  • Never stop watching & learning technique from more experienced actors' performances.

  • Be on time, and be kind to everyone on set!

These are only a few of the things you could keep in mind when working in a professional set. Here in ARTeach we teach and coach screen acting and auditioning technique, so get in touch today, and we'll be more than happy to help with your queries!

Danay Bouzala, Director of Drama

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