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Positive Behavior Management

One of the major concerns when embarking on supply work is how to support

positive behavior in the classroom. With good planning and effective

strategies in place you will feel much more confident when dealing with any

challenging situation!

Helpful points to Remember: - Follow the school's behavior policy. - Students appreciate respect and someone being positive. - Use a respectful tone of voice, speaking clearly and firmly. - Setting clear expectations and rules puts you in control. - Don' t make idle threats- always make sure you do what you've said you will. - Treat the class fairly and they will be fair to you. - Report all incidents back to the class teacher or year head and make sure the children know you are doing this. - Be fair and friendly. - Students don't know what you know until they know you care.

Actions to Avoid: - Loosing your tember and being out of control. - Focusing on bad behavior over good. - Complicated instructions. - Negativity in any way. - Giving too much work or not allowing enough time for students to complete work. - Being unprepared physically or mentally. - Being inconsistent about discipline. Practical Tips: 1. Familiarise yourself with the classrooms behavioral policy when you arrive. 2. I troduce yourself, explain why you are there and how the day/class is to run. Reassure them that you know what you are doing by using a confident tone of voice. 3. Explain your expectations. 4. Set out clearly what rewards children will gain from meeting your expectations, and make sure they clearly know what the consequeces are if they fail them. 5. Set out clear rules at the beginning of the class. 6. Make sure you allow time between lessons, when moving around school and before break time. These are often the times when behaviour difficulties occur. Marlen Vasilopoulou, Director of Music

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