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It’s ‘back to school’ time!

September is our favorite month, full of new opportunities, space for growth, fresh ideas and creativity, and that’s the type of energy we like bringing in the classroom. We do understand though that first lessons can be a bit awkward, especially when teachers meet their students for the first time, so here’s a top tip for you; start the class with a group activity, like setting your own classroom rules!

Sit down on a circle on the floor, spread around a couple of pieces of paper and coloured pens and get going. Encourage your students to let their imagination free, giving them an idea about how your lessons are going to be. Make sure that every student has written down at least one rule, and then read them all out loud. Agree on your favorite 10, write them clearly on a piece of paper, and then hang it on the wall. Voila! You’ve already created something together- what a great start for the new academic year!

Check out our House Rules! 1. Do you best. 2. Be ready to learn. 3. Learn from your mistakes. 4. Celebrate succeeses. 5. Be respectful. 6. Say Yes and Thank You. 7. Follow directions. 8. Try new things. 9. Work hard and have fun. 10. Believe in yourself and your team. See you in class :) Marlen Vasilopoulou, Director of Music

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