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Why register your child to an art after school club

Creativity is key if a person wants to be successful and happy in life, and we feel that being connected with the creative world is something that everyone should be doing from a young age. Art contributes in children’s steady and healthy development, and is also a great way for them to build their creativity, the benefits that it offers affect children in a positive way – in ways that one would never expect.

The way art does this is through the five senses – sight, touch, smell, sound and taste – and depending on what art activity they do will highlight one of these senses. For example, by mixing colours or using their hands to create objects, these activities help a child brain to develop and register an object with a name due to the neural connections.

Art also helps children develop their fine motor skills. For example, using pencils to scribble enables the muscles in the fingers to grow and be strong. Children enjoy these activities, resulting in them doing these fun tasks again and again. Repeating these tasks develops dexterity and coordination.

But apart from their physical development, art allows children to express themselves in a safe way by letting them explore different materials, colours, sounds and movements. With art doing this, it helps children develop confidence as they discover that the mistakes they make in art, such as using the wrong colour or doing the wrong move, can lead to having a new idea.

Having confidence makes children feel comfortable with creatively expressing themselves. When encouraging children to explore the world of art, we are actually motivating them to be confident enough to understand themselves. With art helping children develop self-expression, it allows them to be confident enough in other areas of their lives if they have to explain their feelings about a certain topic.

As seen above, art impacts a child’s educational life hugely. Creativity can be a breakaway for children to escape the stress of school, as well as having fun and expressing themselves through artistic play.

We have some great news!

ARTeach provides a variety of after-school clubs that are carefully planned and thought through.

Our ultimate aim with all our clubs, and one of our missions in general, is for students to develop their creative and artistic skills, engage imaginatively with the activities and given tasks, but also develop skills in voice, diction, and communication.

Get in touch, find out more, and register your interest today!

Marlen Vasilopoulou, Director of Music

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