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Tips for memorising lines easier!

'How do you remember all those lines?!’

Familiar with this question? Memorising lines is part of the job, and for many, an impressive one.However, it doesn’t always come as easy as one would wish for. Here are a few tips, that hopefully will make your life a bit easier!

Read the lines aloud.

By speaking the lines you will hear them and they are more likely to stick.

Write your lines down

Writing your lines out by hand (doesn’t really work with typing) forces your mind to connect to the action of writing the lines down and seeing the lines. This tip works miracles with monologues!

Run lines with a friend

Ask your friend to kindly correct you on any mistakes you make, give you the cue lines and go back over areas that you are not confident with.

Go for a walk/ run/ do a physical activity

Being physically active whist saying your lines is quite effective and it frees you up. You will know that text in no time!

Think of the reason behind each line

As you say or read the lines, follow the thought pattern of each speech and the overall progression of the scene. Your lines are a part of the play. They don’t exist on their own.

Sing you lines

Finding a rhythmic pattern makes memorising your lines much easier than just trying to speak them. I’ve tried it, it works!

Use Apps

There are several apps which can help with learning lines. We have tried Line Learner and Rehearsal Pro. Easy, quick, fun, and free.


I promise you, it does get easier with time! Memory is like a muscle, the more you practice, the easier memorising will get.

Let us know what you think, and if you have any special tricks on how to memorise your lines in time for your rehearsal! We’d love to share them!

Danay Bouzala, Director of Drama



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