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Puppetry Online

Only the best for the best. At ARTeach we take pride in providing the best services possible, so this next bit didn't come as a surprise.

We are very happy to announce that we now provide online puppetry lessons with the amazingly talented puppeteer and ventriloquist (the only ventriloquist in the whole of Greece) Katerina Sopidis. Katerina is now based in London, and has started her lessons with a cracking Halloween themed workshop! In her words ''Puppetry can expand our imagination and understanding of ourselves and the world. We will create our own puppet theatre production practising performing arts. Ventriloquism can be an additional challenge after puppet manipulation.’'

What to expect: • Introduction to puppet manipulation and puppet theatre types • Workshops for puppet building with simple designs and easy to follow instructions • Playing with puppets (holding, moving, expressing feelings, giving voice) • Introduction to puppet theatre production from planning to performing for an audience - advanced groups can try creative writing or ventriloquism You might not be very familiar with the benefits of puppet-play, so let us highlight some for you! 1.Puppetry evokes imagination and creativity, since children come up with fascinating stories. 2.Children develop confidence in speaking and expressing themselves. Research has shown that kids show less inhibitions when they are behind a puppet. They feel more comfortable as they explore the different possibilities in playing with the puppets. 3.They develop emotionally. Shy children use their puppets and channel their emotions and feelings though them. 4.They improve motor skills. What are you waiting for? Email and book your slot today! Danay Bouzala, Director of Drama

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