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5 Alternative Trick or Treat Ideas

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Halloween doesn't have quite the same holiday status here in the UK as it does in the US, but trick-or-treating is becoming more popular every year here and we've found that it can actually be a lovely way to connect with the people who live around us in our local community.

Are you looking for alternatives to sweets and chocolate to give out to trick or treaters at Halloween? Well you've come to the right place! We've put together some fun alternative ideas for trick or treaters this year.

Most of the ideas are non-edible gift ideas with a few healthier treats mixed too.

1.Glow sticks make fantastic wizards wands, with the added bonus that parents will be able to more easily keep track of their children when they're out trick or treating in the dark! You can easily find packs of 20 glow sticks for £1 in our local pound shop or you can buy them cheaper in bigger packs from big online retain companies

2. Bouncy balls are always enjoyed by children and you will definitely find some awesome eyeball ones in your local pound shop or supermarket. Just perfect for Halloween! If you can't find any eyeballs, just label up plain bouncy balls as 'Spiders Eggs' as a creepy twist for Halloween!

3. Talking of creepy crawlies, have a little fun by giving out plastic bugs and spiders instead of chocolates. You can find them all over the place at this time of year, try the Halloween section of your local supermarket, a pound shop or your local toy shop. There are loads of plastic spiders and bugs available online too.

4. If you want to go really healthy, clementine 'pumpkins' are fun to make! They're so quick and easy, all you need is a bag of clementines, a sharpie marker pen and some imagination!

5. Dressing up is one our favourite Halloween traditions and Halloween Tattoo stickers make a fun gift to go with the tradition! Look for multi-packs online as we’re sure these will be super popular!

To mix it up a bit, why not pick a few of the options and throw them into a bowl for a fun spooky dip! You could offer a bowl of non-food gifts in case a child with allergies stops by and have a separate bowl for the fun food options, or mix them all together!

Happy Halloween!

Danay Bouzala, Director of Drama

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