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Tips on looking after yourself!

In normal life, many of us have a bank of coping strategies, such as going to the

gym, meeting up with friends or keeping busy with hobbies and work. In such

uncertain and worrying times, many of these coping strategies have been taken

away and the thought of spending so much time at home can be frightening.

Remember that you’re not alone It can be easy to feel alone when things are tough – like only you can find the solution, or only you understand what it feels like to experience what you are experiencing. Chances are, more people around you than you realise have gone through similar experiences in their lives. You are definitely not alone. And it’s definitely okay to feel anxious and many others will be feeling the same way too. It’s still important to talk about how you’re feeling and to reach out if you need support.

Practice makes perfect Practise your usual coping strategies where possible – breathing techniques, grounding, focusing on the present. If you usually go to the gym – go for a walk or run (if you can) or try following a home workout video - there are plenty of free online ones that would suit all abilities.

Stay active, but be gentle Keep yourself busy and try not to allow your mind time to overthink and catastrophise. Creating a new routine is a great way to look after your mental health. Stay active and eat as well as you can. But by all means please don't feel the need to

'stay productive'. It is good if you want to keep sharp and stay pro active, but it is also totally fine to just take a break

and do some self reflection.

Make time to unwind Most importantly, be sure to make time for yourself every day. Self-care is crucial, whether that means taking a long bath, getting an early night, reading a book or baking a cake. Do something for you. Mental downtime is important too. Try practicing mindfulness with apps such as Headspace.

Like everything else, this situation is temporary. There is lots of support available if you’re feeling particularly anxious or struggling to cope. Keep in touch with others and try to take one day at a time, focusing on the right now, rather than worrying about the ‘what ifs.’ And always remember that the ways we miss our lives, are life.

Danay Bouzala, Director of Drama

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