Our Event Thematology is only the beginning of our journey.

Customize your weekly workshops and after school clubs, get inspired from the below topics,mix and match.

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Anti-Bullying Drama Event

In this event, we will be using drama as a means to highlight and explore bullying issues, giving student the opportunity to try out anti-bullying strategies for themselves, through customized scenarios and fun games.

*Great for key stage 3 students.


Role Playing

Give your younger students a fun, interactive, learning experience by inviting over chefs, gardeners, photographers and athletes! Our actors will be spicing up your lessons in the form of other professionals, introducing your students to new worlds.

*Great for key stage 1 & early key stage 2 students.

*Great for key stage 1 & 2 students.

Students reinforce their artistic skills combined with musical stimuli. By listening to various families of musical instruments students explore and develop their artistic background through painting. In the end, they get to take their works of art home!

Musical Colours


Composing for Image

In this event, students are invited to expand the limits of their imagination as they discover a different music approach. Together we compose the soundscape for well-known stories,
and we allow students to develop their personal music identity.

*Great for key stage 2 students.

Spy School

*Great for key stage 1 & key stage 2 students.

ARTeach School of Spies is here, including spy training, forming the perfect spy ID, finding clues and solving mysteries. Sharpening students curiosity and imagination, this event can easily be customized in the form of an after school club, for unlimited weekly adventures.

*Great for key stage 3 & key stage 4 students.

Students explore the power of words in an 8-week workshop that leads to a performance in front of a microphone. With material that suits each students personality, we explore the beauty of contemporary poetry, address students with critical thinking, and empower their voices through verse.

Spoken Word

Although Shakespeare’s plays were written 400 years ago, we all still recognise and study them!

During our Shakespeare Zone lessons we dive into the stories, scenes, facts, characters, and events of some of the most loved Shakespeare plays!

*Grear for key stage 3 & key stage 4 students.

Shakespeare Zone


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