Jun 3, 2020

Drama and Music Online

Hello! How are you? We hope you are safe and holding strong.

We would like to share some very exciting news with you all, but before, that let’s recap on our activity on these last few months.

We are sure that to some extend every parent and carer has realised how adaptable children are. However we believe that this long period of isolation and separation from their peers affects their social skills in many levels, and is a blow that adults cannot fully understand. In an effort to unite and lift everyone's spirits, but also express our gratitude to their generosity and help, ARTeach offered free music and drama lessons to the UK MUTUAL AID volunteers' and organisers' children.
We are still extremely thankful for all your hard work!

After these successful weeks of lessons, laughter and creativity, we decided to provide more of these free lessons to our wide online community. We would like to thank every single child that joined us and made new friends!

Your extremely kind and constructive feedback gave us ideas and energy for even more learning opportunities, and we would now like to present you our brand new ONLINE MUSIC AND DRAMA COURSES, available in two languages!

Our drama lessons aim at introducing storytelling and performance into childrens’ life, through games and drama exercises. Through our LAMDA-based planned lessons, students not only engage imaginatively with the thought, emotion and form of a text, but also develop skills in voice, diction, and communication. Most importantly due to our customised drama activities
students have fun, gain confidence, and learn so much through playing.

What to expect:
*Drama games, fun improvisations
*Script, poem and monologue work that will lead to a performance
*Songs inspired by the world of musicals
*Themed based terms (different theme every 4 weeks)

During our music lessons children play and explore rhythm, move to the sound of music, and participate in fun music-based exercises, sharpening their creativity, imagination and of course, music skills

What to expect:
*Introduction to the music world and music theory
*Musical games and colourful activities, children will also develop curiosity for music in general
*Singing (warm up exercises, big repertoire voice- body association)
*Introduction to the various families of musical instruments and exploration of the Keyboard world

-- ΑRTeach DRAMA --
Group 4-7 years old - GREEK        |      Group 8-12 years old - GREEK
Tuesday: 10-10.45 AM                             Tuesday: 11- 11.45 AM
Wednesday: 10- 10.45 AM                      Wednesday: 11- 11.45 AM
Group 4-7 years old - ENGLISH    |     Group 8-12 years old - ENGLISH
Tuesday: 12- 12.45 PM                             Tuesday:  1- 1.45 PM
-- ARTeach MUSIC --
Group 4-7 years old - GREEK        |      Group 8-12 years old - GREEK
Tuesday: 1-1.45 PM                                  Tuesday: 12- 12.45 PM

Group 4-7 years old - ENGLISH    |      Group 8-12 years old - ENGLISH
Tuesday: 10-10.45 AM                             Tuesday: 11- 11.45 AM
Wednesday: 10- 10.45 AM                       Wednesday: 11- 11.45 AM





In order to secure your place and book our services submit this form through our website:

In the message box type the child’s name, the lesson, and the date and time you are interested in.
For example ‘John Stewart, drama lesson, Tuesday 11 am’.

We will get in touch shortly after, to answer any possible questions and confirm the booking

ARTeach is overgrowing due to your commitment and enthusiasm. Our pursuit of excellence


To the next chapter!

Danay Bouzala & Malren Vasilopoulou, ARTeach Directors

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